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It was 1964, I was five years old when an accordion arrived at my house.

Dad, in the town band since forever at Giglio, had given it to me and I started playing it as best a kid can.

I always played in the alleys of Giglio Castello and my grandma Giorgina would be sure to tell me not to take money from those who would stop to listen.


Next christmas under the xmas tree was a strange box which I recognized immediately : my first guitar! A plastic six-string.

I couldn't tune it but turned the pegs so as to get a pleasing sound with the open strings; with a single finger I played three "chords" (tonic, dominant and subdominant), so i could play a large part of the songs of the time.

Without knowing it I had used open tuning! It was a real discovery, opening up a fantastic world which I would never leave.


Music became my profession.



I grew up, and still the magic made me discover, many years later, what a joy crafting one's own instrument is, because the world of music is a magic box to be opened and played with as much as one can.


Thus was born the Aegilium guitar, with its own shape and frequency resonance, the result of materials and elements all perfectly attuned to each other.


Happy music to all.



Piero Tievoli

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